Happy Aloha Friday!

Yay it’s Friday!  It’s also supposed to be a beautiful weekend so the beach is something definitely in the plans- of course this has to happen after my sons baseball game, which is luckily early in the morning so we’ll have the entire rest of the day to have fun.  I’m also looking forward to watching Pitch Perfect 2!  Have any of you seen it yet?  It looks like such a fun movie to watch with the fam.

Kahele is in Maui right now because he’s a track coach so he’ll be gone for the weekend 😦  But the weekends always fly by so quickly so he’ll be back before I know it.  He’s been sending my pictures of all the good food he’s been eating and making me so jealous!  He’s also triggering a lot of cravings lol!

1 3 IMG_2106

I haven’t been too good about snapping photos on the weekends so my goal is to do just that.  I’m usually having so much fun with the family that I let all these moments go by without capturing them.  On Monday I hope to have lots of pics to share with you all! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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