Genki Sushi

Yesterday I took the kids to the new Genki Sushi in Kaneohe.  They loved it.  We used to go all the time until they shut down so that they could do some really cool renovations to the place.  The new restaurant is so nice and they have this new bullet express feature that allows you to order your food from an IPad and a little race car shoots straight to your table with all of your food.  Very futuristic.  The only thing about mine and my sisters kids is that they all love the expensive items.  So an hour and $103 later we left fully satisfied with our food and our experience.

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1 thought on “Genki Sushi

  1. OMGOSH!!! YUMMMMMM!!!! That all looks so freaking yummy. Hahahaha I think I would have freaked out at seeing that bill. LoL.. Seriously though that food looks amazing and is making me hungry.. Thanks for sharing!


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