My Summer Bucket List

It’s officially summer vacation in our home! The kids are finished with their school year yesterday was Kahele’s last day at his school! I constantly debate on getting a job at a school just so that we can all have the summer off together- I really should! We don’t really have any set plans for the summer- we talk about going camping, having beach bbq’s, exercising and even having a little stay-cation at one of the hotels in Waikiki but like always we’ll just go with the flow and see what happens. I made a little summer bucket list for myself just so that I make sure that I actually do things with the family and not just waste the summer away lounging around the house. This summer I’m lucky enough to have Saturday, Sunday’s, Monday’s and Thursday evenings off from work so that I have as much time with my kids as possible. This means 3 super long days of work, but it’s totally worth it.

BTW in celebration I changed the look of my blog! Nice, bright colors for the summer. What do you think?



1 thought on “My Summer Bucket List

  1. Awesome bucket list! And so simple too, but it will make TONS of memories for years to come. You should do TWO spa days though. I mean you are pregnant! You totally deserve it. 😉


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