My Baby Bump is showing early on.

I’m only 13 weeks and I swear I look like I’m 5 months pregnant! This is all too new for me. With my other pregnancies I didn’t even start to show til I was around 5 months. It’s a little frustrating that my jeans are all tight at the waist- I’m literally unbuttoning my jeans every time I sit down. I’m feeling frumpy, which is making me a little bitchy. I jumped on my computer to research why all of a sudden my belly has popped and what I read didn’t make me feel any better. According to “A pregnant woman with loose abdominal muscles is indeed more likely to produce a pronounced pooch than a mom-to-be with a taut and toned torso.” And on it’s said that “There is also the ‘age’ factor to take into consideration. The older the expectant mother, the less muscle tone she may have in the abdomen.” Hmmmmm, well alrighty then.  I’ve actually moved on from wearing jeans to my new everyday go-to outfits of maxi dresses and maxi skirts & tank tops.  Ladies, let me tell you this is by far the most comfortable way to dress when you’ve got a little baby bump and… they are super cheap.  I actually went to Ross and bought a ton of skirts and dresses (super cute ones) for some as low at $5.99!!!  Not only are they comfortable but they can be worn casually or easily dressed up with just a few accessories.  Looks like I’ll be living in these for the next few months.

1111green-maxi2 248823948132321736_lYJrbXbH_f DR1073KHAKI


6 thoughts on “My Baby Bump is showing early on.

  1. I looooove the outfits. I LIVED in my maxi skirts and dresses during and after pregnancy. I gotta say I totally am in love with the middle outfit.. SO me. LoL.. So do we get to see baby bump pics? I hope so. I looove baby bump pics. I love all the outfits you posted totally agree super comfy and sooo easy to dress up or down!


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