Down the Rabbit Hole by Holly Madison


So I just read this book in literally 6 hours. I enjoy biographies but I honestly don’t jump into one thinking that I’m going to take everything that the writer says seriously- after all who’s going to write anything that’s going to make themselves look bad or wrong. But I really wanted to read this book because I’ve heard a lot about the Playboy mansion and read other books painting a similar picture as what Holly has done. The thing that really kept me interested was that like anyone who has experienced an abusive relationship- she points out how she looks back and thinks to herself ‘what was I thinking?’ and knows that she should have seen the signs. But also as young as she was how infatuated with fame she started to become. While reading I couldn’t help to put myself in her shoes- being in an abuse relationship when I was younger, I know how manipulation can make you feel that no one else will ever want you and that your abuser is the only person you’re worthy of. Not only was it an entertaining read, but I think that Holly sent an important message to women out there who may be in a similar situation that they can walk away and live the life that will bring them happiness. If you enjoy juicy memoirs this is definitely one to read!




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