I did it everyone! I went camping and survived!  It was actually really nice- We were at a pretty location, I had a huge tent, the weather was nice and we were right next to the bathroom and showers.  I was so worried about being far from the bathroom because I’ve been going so much during the night and didn’t want to walk a long distance. My kids had the time of their lives!  My nieces also enjoyed themselves.  I honestly would do it all over again- which the family is planning to do in about 6 months from now, I put in a request that we get the cabins this time 🙂  4 10I can never remember exact dates so this seemed like a cute idea 🙂

18My cousin captured this beautiful picture of my son Maui and my nephew Kaikea when they went to watch the sunrise.

17 16 15 14 13 12 11 9 5 3

Most of the days were spent in the water.  We had to actually force the kids out to reapply sunscreen and make sure they ate and drank water.

2 1 8 7

The nights were spent hunting for crabs, fishing and sitting around the BBQ.  We had a fun night of cards and scary stories while eating s’mores.  So much fun for the kids.

gif4 gif3 gif2 gif1

A few gifs.  I’m so happy that my kids got to have this last fun weekend before school starts up.

1 thought on “Camping!!!

  1. NOW THAT IS CAMPING!! Omgosh those shots you got.. Stunning… I would looooove to go camping in Hawaii. Im so happy you had such a great time. And yeah for being so close to the bathrooms!! Total double score in my book. 🙂


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