Pregnancy rage!

I’m so excited because tomorrow we’ll be getting our “fancy” ultrasound to find out if we’re having a boy or a girl. Kahele asked if this time around we should let it be a surprise and just wait til the baby gets here but I just can’t do it! I’m too damn curious.

The cravings and muscle aches have subsided but one thing I notice is my rage. I mean I physically feel great but my rage level has escalated. I almost lost my mind when I specifically asked the lady behind the counter at the market if the sandwich I was purchasing had mayo in it- she said “no”. That was a lie! When I got back to work to eat it and opened it up…. Surprise Mayo! The rage that I felt scared me a little, I envisioned myself going back to the market and throwing the sandwich at her…. Yikes! I know a little overboard, I wouldn’t actually do it but I kinda wanted to. Then at home I started snapping at everyone because after washing all the dishes, not even an hour later the sink was full with bowls and cups from dinner. Let’s just say that after my little bitch fit everyone in the house has been washing any dishes that they use instead of leaving them in the sink for me to clean. I don’t know how to control it and sometimes I cry at night because I feel terrible about my outbursts.  I feel like I need professional help.


At work I sometimes find my self contemplating on flipping out at my boss!  I think “would it be worth it to yell, rip papers and maybe even flip the bird and walk off the job?”  then I come to my senses… thank God!  I will definitely be sharing this with my doctor at my next visit.  Hopefully she can give me some suggestions other than… Just breathe cuz that’s some bull shit advise right there.


Well, thank you all for listening to my little rant about my “rage” issues.  I hope to return to my happy self soon.  I’m so excited to share with all of you the sex of my baby tomorrow 🙂


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