Baby gender news and some random weekend pics


On Friday we found out that we’re expecting a baby girl!!!  I’m soooo beyond excited.  My son’s were both hoping for a boy and my daughter was like “nope there’s too many boys I want a sister”.  When the doctor said “girl”  her face was priceless.  We were both so giddy the entire afternoon.  I can’t wait to start picking up little things for her.

This weekend we also celebrated my nephews birthday at the pool.  It has been so hot and muggy on the island that this was the perfect party for the kids.  They were in the pool all day.

IMG_2967 IMG_2970

My cousin Kui thought it would be funny to smash a cupcake in his sisters face… and it was!


These cupcakes were some of the best “store bought” cupcakes I’ve tasted.


The party theme was Nascar.  Super cute and simple.

IMG_2982 IMG_2984 IMG_2986

The birthday boy played so hard that he knocked out.

IMG_2989 IMG_2995

IMG_3011 IMG_3010


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