First Day of School

Today was my daughters first day back at school!  She’s now in the 2nd grade.  We had a meet and greet on monday night where she was able to meet her teacher and get her desk and cubby set up in class.  She said that the teacher she has is the one she always hears yelling, so she wasn’t too thrilled when she found out that she was in her class this year.  I told her that she’s a good girl and as long as she listens and does what she’s told, she has nothing to worry about.  This morning she was most excited about wearing her new clothes and shoes (I’m so terrible, I forgot to take a pic of her before i left for work) and finally getting to use her new twinkle toes backpack that we bought.  It as little twinkle lights!


My niece will be going to the same school as Tea this year, it’s pretty tough because she’s in the 6th grade and transitioning into the school as a new student with students that have already been with each other for 7 or so years.  She was so nervous it broke my heart.  She attended the same private school as my middle son since she was 4 years old so she’s basically leaving behind the school and friends she’s had her whole life for a new school.  It was a hard decision my sister had to make with the financial situation and my brother-in-law going through his cancer treatment.  I hope she makes some new friends and enjoys the year.

Maui starts school tomorrow and Kuha’o still has a month before he starts (lucky bugger!)

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