I’m still here… some updates on life

Wow it’s been a while since I posted. Life’s been busy and I’ve been enjoying it.  On Sunday Kahele, Maui and Kuha’o attended the Aloha Aina Unity March through Waikiki. It was basically a march where Hawaiians stood in unity to allow their voices to be heard about their goals to stop further development on lands considered to be sacred, using lands for economic greed and taking care of the lands and natural resources with sustainability in mind. The turnout was amazing. I’m so glad that the kids were able to be a part of it.

IMG_3166 IMG_3167

aloha-aina-march-7 For the last 3 weeks my sisters been in California with my brother-in-law as they take (what I hope) are the final steps towards treating his cancer and getting him well again. Last night she came back to Hawaii while my BIL does his bone marrow treatment. She’s been away from her daughters for so long; yesterday my nieces were soooo ecstatic for my sister to come home. I can’t wait to see her; even I missed her a lot.

I also have my other sister (she’s actually my cousin, but I consider her my sis) coming home today! She’ll be getting married in October and we’ll all be flying up to Cali to attend. I hope that we can get some things done while she’s down here. We’re planning on having a little bridal shower for her too. My cousin Kira came up with this cute idea to have a painting party for her, being that she’s not really a party girl. So our plans for Friday night are to all get together and meet at a paint gallery and…. Paint! I love trying different things and I love getting creative, so I’m really looking forward to this.

Here are some random picture of life as of lately…

IMG_3033 IMG_3032 FullSizeRender IMG_3046 IMG_3050 IMG_3066 IMG_3067 IMG_3070 IMG_3072 IMG_3073 IMG_3074 IMG_3087 IMG_3102 IMG_3160 IMG_3163

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