Leg Cramps Every Night! Can pickle juice help me?


So guys I tried the pickle juice last night and guess what?!  NO CRAMPS!  I can now recommend it as it definitely worked for me 🙂

So it’s come to that point in my pregnancy where I get leg cramps every night. This is something that I absolutely dread during all my pregnancies.  It started last week, and no matter how much I stretch before I go to bed or how much water I drink, between 3 and 5 am every morning my leg cramps up.  It’s terrible!  Last night I experienced one of the longest lasting, most painful cramps in my left calf.  I started crying and Kahele was massaging it but even the  massaging was painful.

I’ve read several pregnancy websites that give several suggestions on how to prevent these cramps and frankly it’s a bunch a BS because I’ve followed their suggestions and I keep getting them.  Kahele coaches several sports and is very athletic himself and he keeps telling me to drink pickle juice.  I’ve saved his advice as my very last resort because honestly the thought of drinking pickle juice in the middle of the night just sounds awful.  But after last night I’m going to suck it up and do it tonight.  I’ll let you know how it works.

BTW some info that I found online stated that  “The American Council on Exercise recommends that you drink this salty ‘juice’ while practicing sports. The secret, according to ACE, lies in the sodium and water content — your body expels both of these essential nutrients with sweat, contributing to cramps. High sodium intake can be dangerous, however, so stick with small doses and see your doctor before sipping from the pickle jar.”

I also found that In a  2010 study was published by Kevin Miller and colleagues at North Dakota State University and Brigham Young University.  Cramps were induced and tested using both water and pickle juice and the results were that cramps followed by water consumption lasted over 2 minutes but cramps followed by pickle juice lasted less than a minute and a half.  So with all this information and because I trust Kahele so much, I’m definitely gonna have some on hand.



1 thought on “Leg Cramps Every Night! Can pickle juice help me?

  1. OMGOSH!!!! I’m so gonna have to try that pickle juice idea!! Seriously had horrid leg cramps with both my pregnancies I’m guessing it will be no different with my third! So is it just pickle juice or does it have to be dill, sweet, kosher?!?! LoL details please. I’ll be willing to try anything in a few months. lol


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