Update on Pregnancy

Hi all! Happy Tuesday. I realized that I haven’t really written an updated post on my pregnancy lately. Well I’m now 24 weeks and physically I’m feeling pretty good! Baby is moving a lot and can finally be felt from outside of the tummy, so my kids are really enjoying feeling the kicks of their baby sister. I’m super thirsty all the time. I drink soooo much water during the day, I think a lot of it has to do with the humidity here on the islands, but I also find myself in the bathroom emptying out my bladder most of the day. I’m still getting cramps in my legs, but the pickle juice is helping with that (when I remember to take it). I feel myself getting heavier and a little tired whenever I go shopping or just doing work around the house. I feel like it’s a little too early in the pregnancy for me to be experiencing this type of exhaustion so it’s only safe to admit that I’m totally out of shape. LOL! I got no shame in my game! But I have been trying to walk around as much as I can just to get some exercise in during the day.

Moving on to my mental health now…. I think I’m going crazy sometimes. I have such a short fuse! I have rage in me that I can’t get rid of! I make a conscious effort every day to keep myself in check at work, with Kahele and the kids and even just in public period! On Friday night Maui had a football game and we were sitting in front of some very rowdy kids. Well this one girl kept cheering screaming at the top of her lungs and banging her umbrella on the metal bleachers and I just couldn’t take it anymore so I turned around and said “Are you serious? Is it necessary to be that obnoxious?” Can you believe this girl (knowing that I was around 20 years older than her) came back at me and said “WTF did you just say” OMG people that was the absolute worst thing she could’ve done because I basically went off at her. I stood up and put that disrespectful little brat in her place. Even the other parents around us told her that they’d had enough of her screaming and banging of the umbrella. The point is that I couldn’t hold it together. This morning I was sitting in traffic and internally road raging about all the stupid drivers that don’t know how to properly merge! I had to put on some Teddy Pendergrass to calm my ass down. Let me tell you if you need to calm down in a situation “Love T.K.O” will help 😉 Dishes in the sink are one of my major burdens in life now; if you don’t want to get snapped at by me it is in your best interest to wash your own dirty dish. Anywhooo…. That’s my mental state at that the moment! Pretty scary huh?

Some of the other little things that have developed are…
1. My equilibrium is out of whack. I only wear flats now because I may break and ankle or my neck in heels.
2. I can’t remember anything! I never know where my keys are, where I put my glasses, that I actually spent the $100 that was in my purse and that’s why it’s no longer in my wallet!
3. Heartburn hits on a daily basis! Tums are always on hand.
4. Brushing my hair and putting on makeup feels like labor work, so my new motto is… “I woke up like this!” Thank you, Beyoncé!
5. Fast dinners are my new thang! Ready-made, just heat up lasagnas, Ground hamburger with mushroom gravy, chili, spaghetti anything that takes little to no prep work is on the menu in my home. It’s too damn hot to be slaving in the kitchen!


Well thank you for reading and I hope that I haven’t scared you away from coming back! I hope that my sanity (or what’s left of it) will stay intact through the duration of this pregnancy


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