This weekend was the last baseball games for both Kuha’o and Téa so I have no idea what our Saturdays are going to be like for a while. Probably very lazy! After so many weekends of hustle and bustle and park hopping we finally get to catch up on all of our shows and some much needed R&R on my part. I’ve been feeling burnt out lately, so I’m looking forward to Saturdays in bed just vegging the day away. Maybe I’ll even be able to get some reading in. I haven’t read a good book in a while.
Up until last month I hadn’t gained any weight during this pregnancy. I think it was because I’ve been soooo busy on the weekends running around from baseball games to football games and have just been getting a lot of exercise. I also don’t get home from work til about 9pm and end up skipping dinner almost 3 days a week. But yesterday at my doctor’s appointment I found out that in just this last month I gained a whopping 6 lbs. probably due to the amount of Ice cream that I’ve been consuming. It’s been so hot and cold treats feel so satisfying these days. I had to giggle a little because just the night before I was telling Kahele that I actually feel the weight that I’ve put on. I’m trying to be careful not to gain too much weight this pregnancy because I was a little overweight when finding out I was pregnant and I don’t want to have a hard time trying to lose the weight after baby is born. But this month I plan to be very careful about my sugar intake because at my next doctors appt. I’ll be taking my glucose test. With my daughter I had gestational diabetes and I do not want that again!
In other (great) news….
My sister called me with the best news! So, I’ve written about my brother-in-law and his cancer battle over the last couple of years. Well about a month ago he flew to California to City of Hope for his stem cell operation. Any whoo…. He is recovering amazingly!!! My sister will be flying up on Thursday to be with him and was planning on being up there until around the 22nd (when they thought they’d be able to come home), but great news… he’s doing so good that they’re letting him come home next week Tuesday. They’re going to keep it a secret from my nieces and surprise them on Tuesday! How exciting is that?! My nieces haven’t seen their father in over a month and they think it’s going to be about another month. I cannot wait to witness it 


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