Baby products that are a waste of $… I.M.O

Being that this will be my 4th child I’ve learned that there are so many baby products that are just a total waste of money. It’s so easy to walk through Babies R Us and see all the cool products and splurge because “it’s going to make life so much easier”.  But truthfully a lot of what I bought in the past was used a couple of times and forgotten about.  It ended up just sitting there taking up space.  With my first pregnancy I went crazy with the cribs and the cute sheets and bumper sets, and those huge swings with all the lights and vibration and sounds. Then I did the same when I got pregnant with my second child.  But when I got pregnant with my daughter (my 3rd)  I simplified things big time.

Diaper Genie– I bought this when I had my second son and let me tell you… my room stunk! I like to use diaper sacks instead.  I like that I can take them to an outside bin where it wont stink up the house.  They even have cute little sack holders that you can take along with you, very convenient when you visit someone else’s house and need to dispose of your dirty diaper.

Stuffed Animals– These things have become such a peeve in my life. I feel like they hold so much dust and germs.
A crib & changing table– They’re so bulky and expensive. I love pack and play playpen/ bassinets. They are much more convenient to move from room to room and even travel with.

Wipe Warmer– This might be beneficial if you live in cold parts, but here in Hawaii there really was no need.
Bottle Warmers– I don’t breastfeed, I would love to but with every pregnancy I’ve had complications so… I really have no need for bottle warmers. With formula milk I can easy carry a thermos and formula.

Over the top swings–  Way too big.  I love the convenience of a swing and all of my kids loved being in the swing, but fancy schmancy accessories are unnecessary.  My kids loved their little travel fold up swings just the same.

Play gym– This just took up room and sat there for the longest time.
Big bulky bath tubs– I can’t stand how much room these tubs take up. I prefer a bath sling. They’re so compact and easy to store.

2Well there you have it!  This is just my opinion and hey if you have the money and space to buy all these fancy things… go for it!


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