What to pack in your hospital bag (mom & baby)

This week I’ll be in my 31 week of pregnancy, that means that in a couple of weeks I should be getting my hospital bag ready.  With all three of my children I gave birth a couple of weeks earlier than my expected due date and found myself going crazy trying to pack for the hospital while having uncomfortable contractions.  This time around I’ll be ready.  I put together a list of what I feel are essentials for my hospital stay as well as what I’ll need when baby arrives.

hospital bag for mom

~  Medical Insurance information

~ Chargers for your phone

~ Toiletries (don’t forget a towel, brush and rubber bands)

~ Phone with a good camera

~ A change of comfortable clothes to go home in.  I prefer a loose fitting shirt and stretch pants.

~ Nursing bra.  A couple of these should be packed.

~ Makeup bag.  I know that after I give birth I look like absolute crap with all the swelling and messed up hair!  Some makeup will make me more comfortable to take pictures.

~  Robe and house slippers.  You’ll want this for before and after baby comes.  Those hospital gowns just don’t cut it when walking around.

hospital bag for baby

~ Car Seat!  Probably the most important thing.

~ Pacifier

~ Diaper Bag

~ Going home outfit.  So cute!

~ Blankets

~ Diapers and wipes.  The hospital I go to gives us diapers and wipes but to be safe you may want to take your preferred brand.

~ Breast Pump.

~ Boppy- In my opinion this is one of the best things I invest in.


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