One of my favorite things about Fall are Chai Lattes. Starbucks is getting a little too pricey for me so lately I’ve been buying the Tazo Chai Latte Consentrate and making my own. Seriously, $6 for 32 oz. vs. a Venti for just about the same price? Kind of a no-brainer there. The only thing that is missing is that fancy foam top that I love so much. But I’ve recently found a way to get that foam without a milk steamer! Here’s how you do it…

First you want to warm up your Chai in a mug. I just throw it in the microwave for about a minute. I like to fill my mug a little less than half way with my Chai concentrate.

Then you want to froth your milk. To do this you want to pour your milk into the jar (your measurements will depend on how much milk to chai ratio you want). Put the lid on the jar and shake it up until the milk is frothy. Now you want to remove the lid and microwave your milk (I do a minute and it’s perfect for me).
For the fun part… Hold your foam back with a spoon while adding the hot milk to your Chai. When you reach the amount of milk desired scoop the foam and add it to the top. Voila! Just as good as Starbucks! The best part is, you can add as much foam as you want!!!



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