Ichiriki Kaneohe

Kahele and I had another lunch date without the kids!!!  Twice in one week, that never happens.  My mom took all of the grandchildren to the mall to watch a movie so we took advantage of the opportunity to… EAT of course.  We went to Ichiriki in Kaneohe.  It was the perfect choice because everywhere else seemed so crowded.  The atmosphere was so relaxed and quiet.

We’ve never done the Nabe (hotpot) experience before so it was super fun. The day was really overcast too, which made the warm meal that much better.  Everything tasted so fresh and even though we ate til we were stuffed we didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.



I started off with the house salad, something I always do when I go to a restaurant.  This one had an Asian sesame dressing… Nice and light.

IMG_3641 IMG_3645

We also had the spicy ahi wraps and the mushroom medley as starters.  Both were die-licious.  I don’t know how they prepared this mushroom medley but it was perfect!


First we were asked to pick our broth.  We both chose the Pirikara, which is a spicy shoyu broth.  I think we could have gone a little spicier.

Next we were to choose our meals.  I chose the Ribeye Chanko and Kahele chose the Ribeye Shabu Shabu.  Kahele’s came with these amazing dipping sauces.


My meal came with a bamboo shoot full of raw pork that our waiter separated into the hot pot to form meat balls. I wasn’t really a fan of that.


Kobe Beef shabu shabu $16.95 Happy hour, normally priced at $28.95 NWPhoto



Of course we had to finish off with a sweet treat.  Kahele left the choice up to me so I happily chose the Brownie Sundae.

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