Birthday Dinner at Haleiwa Joes

Last week Thursday was my birthday but I ended up having to work the entire day.  So on Friday night Kahele took me out to dinner while our kids went with my dad to a BBQ.  It was perfect.  We ended up going to Haleiwa Joes.  I love dinner dates without the kids, it gives us a chance to catch up, but ultimately most of our conversation ends up being about the kids anyway.

Dinner was so yummy!  I was craving a cocktail and was tempted to get a virgin Pina Colada, but didn’t want to spend so much on a non-alcoholic drink so I stuck to the Plantation Iced Tea while Kahele had a couple of beers.



We started off with the garlic bread and sauteed mushrooms.  Their garlic breads are one of my favorites, I order this every time I’m there.


Kahele ordered the Fishmonger soup.  This was such a hearty soup and it was pretty big for an appetizer.


I ended up getting the Salmon Spinach Salad as my entree.  This was so yummy.  I don’t know how they season the salmon but it created a nice crust with the perfectly cooked center.


Kahele had the Steamed fish.  Although he liked it, he said that he wished he’d gone with the steak instead.

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