My First Beauty Purchases of 2016


Here are some of my most recent beauty purchases.  All of them I love.

The first is the Melon Daiquiri body wash by Philosophy.  The smell is so yummy, you can really taste the sweetness of the melon yet the tartness which makes the scent bright.  One of my favorite things about philosophy are their little recipes on their bottles.  One of the best scents from philosophy.

Hitting up the Bath & Body Works sell I picked up a bunch of really cheap hand soaps, my favorite of the ones I purchased was the Georgia Peach foaming hand wash.  Another really yummy scent.

At Victoria’s Secret Semi annual sale I picked up a bottle of the Dark Angel Perfume.  I usually go for more of a tuberose/ jasmine scent when I choose a fragrance, but there was just something about this perfume that drew me in.  I think I liked it because of its warmth, it’s perfect for winter.

I love these Rimmel Oh My Glosses!  I bought all of these.  In my opinion I’d choose them over MAC.

Last we have the Rebeleyes Gel Liner by MAC.  My favorite eyeliner is Blacktrack Fluidline and this new product is just that but in an easy to use applicator.  It’s so much more convenient than having to use a brush.

Well there you have it!


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