This morning at around 8am I started my binge watching of “Making a Murderer” on Netflix. While I was in school I did a bunch of papers on the injustice in the legal system. This show is completely blowing my mind. I just finished episode 4 and needed to take a little break. It’s sad to see how investigators clearly coerced Avery’s 16 year old nephew into his confession. The whole thing is just frustrating. This man did his time for a crime he did not commit and yet in this second case there is so much evidence so far (from what I’ve seen in the first 4 episodes) to prove that the timeline clears him of involvement in the murder of Teresa Halbach. What’s most frustrating to me is that we always here how “lack of evidence” is the cause of so many “guilty” people being let free. But in this case there is so much evidence in favor of Avery.

This show got me thinking about the Casey Anthony trial. First because she was found not guilty because of the lack of physical evidence to convict her- even the jury knew she was guilty but had to go by the amount of evidence. And secondly because she was set free after being sentence to 4 years in prison. She was given credit for the years already served. So does Avery get credited the amount that he has already served? I guess I’ll learn a little more from the episodes ahead.

This show really shines a light on how flawed and sometimes “dirty” our justice system can be. I feel terrible for Avery’s parents who have been impacted by all of this. It’s heartbreaking to watch and hear what they’ve had to endure.

Can’t wait to continue the show later on tonight. Have you watched it? I’d love to hear your reaction.


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