Happy Birthday Maui-Boy


I am a mother of a 17 year old! That is so crazy to say. Seventeen years ago today I gave birth to my oldest, Maui. There is just something special about your first experience giving birth. I had no idea what to expect, I was young and scared. But as soon as he came out I had an overwhelming sense of love that I’d never felt before. This life that I had been carrying was finally in my arms.

Maui has no idea what a blessing he is. My life could have been way different (not for the better) if I didn’t have him. Having him forced me to make some really good decisions about the direction I wanted my life to go. I literally started to live my life for him. He is the first grandson as well as the first great-grandson on both sides of my family, so he was and still is very doted upon by everyone in the family.

It’s been amazing to see all of his accomplishments throughout the years. He is so dedicated when it comes to his sports and I just know deep down that he will go far. I pray that he continues to be the respectful, caring and driven young man that he is today.

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