Aloha Marcus

If you follow my blog, you may remember a few posts about my brother-in-law and his fight with cancer.  Sadly we lost Marcus just 2 days before Christmas.  I’m getting so choked up just writing this.  We all prayed that he’d be cancer free one day and live a long life with his 2 daughters, but now my nieces will have an angel by their side guiding them.

Over the weekend we had a “life” party for Marcus.  We celebrated in “Marcus” style by spreading his ashes at the beach and then having a luau afterwards.  The day was beautiful.  People were enjoying themselves and everywhere I walked I’d hear people sharing their stories and best memories about Marcus.

He was someone who lived with a smile ALWAYS on his face even through his pain.  He treated everyone with respect and wanted to help those in need even when he was too sick to even walk.  The nicest person that I’ve been blessed to have in my life.

Thank you Marc!

(below the pictures there’s a little slideshow)


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