Simple & Gorgeous DIY Photo Lantern Centerpieces


I took on the task of making the centerpieces for my brother-in-laws “life” party over the weekend.  I really wanted to do something simple that incorporated the beach. I also wanted to keep it cheap.  I think I did a pretty good job.

Step 1

Take Vellum paper and print whatever picture you’re going to use.  Make sure to measure the container that you’re using.  I printed my pictures a 4″x 4″ size.  I was able to print 4 pictures on one paper @ $1 a paper.


Step 2

Decorate the rim of the cylinder.  This is optional but makes a big difference.  I used ti leaf to go with the theme of the party.


Step 3

Put the picture in the container.  I do this before filling the container.  I printed my picture in black and white, but I think color would be beautiful too.


Step 4

Fill your container and add a tea light.  I filled mine with sand, but if it were for a girl I think some plastic beads would be pretty.


FullSizeRender FullSizeRender2


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