Aria is 3 months old


My little Aria is 3 months old today. I can’t believe how fast the time flies, it feel like it was just yesterday I was wondering what she was going to look like when I finally gave birth. I’ve been back to work for a couple of weeks now and I miss her so so so much all day. It was so nice to spend the holiday’s home with her. She was with me 24/7 for 9 weeks and I’ve been suffering from separation anxiety being back at work and so far away from her. It’s getting better though; knowing she’s in good hands makes it a lot easier.

She’s finally smiling when we talk to her and even gives us a little giggle here and there, which is too precious. She’s also been enjoying lying on the bed with her sister propped up watching cartoons. I’m really trying to just enjoy every moment with her because I’m pretty sure she’s going to be my last. I soak up everything because when they get older I always tell myself ‘I wish I could go back to when they were younger and have the experience again’. She really has me and her siblings wrapped around her little finger. They fight over who gets to hold her next or feed her. She is soooo loved.

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