10 Frozen Meals That I Love

I’m all about cutting corners when it comes to feeding my family a good meal.  I make a lot of stews, chili, spaghetti, sloppy joes- pretty much things that I can make in bulk for a good price.  I love ready made meals that require only heating up.  Preparing some rice or veggies will be all it takes to making it a complete meal.  I know that some frozen meals taste like absolute crap, but I’ve found some that are super yummy. Here are 10 frozen meals that I’m constantly buying and that the whole family loves.

Zippy's frozen meals

If you live or have ever visited Hawaii, you know that Zippy’s is pretty much our go-to restaurant.  They have a select “popular” items that you can buy frozen and even have shipped. I love their Portuguese bean soup.


The thing I love most about this (beside its taste) is that the tempura is crispy like in a restaurant even though its baked in an oven.  The sauce is also really good.


I’m such a fan of these, kinda how my kids are a fan of Hot Pockets.


Comfort food!  The crust comes out so flaky and buttery.


This is sooo good.  My favorite is the Sicilian.  I could eat two no joke.


There is so much flavor!  Not cheap box flavor either, it tastes very home cooked.  I like how the pasta isn’t soggy even though it’s frozen.


I tried this for the first time a couple days ago.  I will say that the mashed potatoes came out a little chewy, but the roast was yummy and the gravy good too.


My family loves this!  We plate it like a loco moco by putting it on rice and adding an over-medium egg.


Just add sour cream and guacamole!


This is the perfect snack for the kids when they’re home.  Just heat them up and add some ranch dipping sauce!


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