Wish I could be a stay-at-home mom

Why can’t it just be a universal rule that a mother’s job must adjust its hours to fit the needs of their children’s activities? HA! One can wish. It’s tough to hold a full time job and have kids in sports. I’m so blessed to have the support of family members to get my kids to and from practice while Kahele and I are at work. Currently I have my three oldest kids playing baseball and a 3 month old at home needing lots of attention. My daily planner is my lifesaver. Sometimes we have practices and games overlapping, potlucks for after games, parent meetings. Twenty-four hours just isn’t enough for everything that goes on.
Every morning I make sure that all of their things are ready for practice/games- I go down my little check list:
Uniform (shirt, pants, socks, hat, belt, slider pants and cup (for the boys)
Then I make sure that I pack baby’s bag for my mother-in-law.
After that I try and get the “coffee for the road” done, do my hair and makeup, get dressed and prepare breakfast all before waking up the kids to make sure they’re ready to go by the time my MIL is ready to get them to school. I’m lucky if baby sleeps through all of this, sometimes she’s up and that can be a little tough when she wants to be carried or fed. I try to have a cup of Tea with Kahele and then I’m off to sit in traffic for an hour on my way to work. After work it’s straight home to the kids where I feed them, check their homework, wash clothes and try and fit in some conversation time with each of them before its bedtime. I’m sure a lot of you know exactly what I’m talking about here. Life can get super crazy. Sometimes I feel like I don’t spend enough time with my kids even though every minute away from work that I can be with them I am. This is why when I am with my kids I am really “present” in that moment, I try to just take it all in and appreciate that time.


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