I’m Going To Beyonce’s Concert.


OMG guys!!!! I’m going to Beyonce’s concert for her Formation World Tour. My sister just bought our tickets today.  I was literally jumping around like a little kid when she texted me.  She is literally my favorite entertainer!  She can act, sing and DANCE!  She’s awesome.  I always tell Kahele that the best concert ever was the Beyonce and Jay-Z concert on HBO that I watched from bed.  I wasn’t even physically there and I was blown away.

We are going to the May 16th concert in Santa Clara.  When my sister first brought it up to me yesterday I was like “maybe just get me one but I may not be able to go because of my kids and Aria will still only be 6 months old”, thinking that there was a slim chance she’d even get tickets.  But when she texted me our itinerary  I started jumping around yelling “OMG I’m gonna see Beyonce” at work.  I swear I’ll probably end up being like those fans you’ve seen on television having a break down at a Michael Jackson concert.  I still haven’t told Kahele I’m going and hopefully things work out with our kids where everyone is able to pitch in and everything works out smoothly. *Fingers Crossed*

Ahhhhh!  I’m so excited!


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