My car got broken into!

Have you ever had your car broken into and personal belonging stolen? Well it happened to me for the first time this morning and I’m beyond pissed about it! Here’s how my morning went down…

I woke up at 4am to feed Aria and while I was changing her diaper I noticed that I needed to run to the store and buy more diapers to send for my MIL. I quickly jumped in the shower after baby fell asleep and got ready. As I was walking to my car to run to the store I noticed that the back door was open. I opened the front passenger door and saw everything from my glove compartment and middle compartment all over the floor. It appeared that they didn’t take anything until I couldn’t find my little pouch that I keep all of my gift cards, medical cards and a couple of credit cards that I don’t use often (sears, firestone & BestBuy). I was so freaked out I didn’t even react at first, then it all hit me and I started crying (the raging type of cry). I woke up Kahele and we went by the neighbor’s house to inform them and come to find out their car got broken into last night too.

when your car gets broken into

I immediately got on my phone to claim my cards stolen when Maui (my 17 year old) walked out of the house to grab his school bag before I left for work and he said it wasn’t in there. THEY STOLE MY SONS SCHOOL BAG!!!! Before baseball practice yesterday he took off his gold chain and Nixon watch and put it in his bag. They both got taken with the bag. That’s when Mama Bear Mode took over and I started going berserk!

Whoever it is, is so brave to do this because my car is literally parked in the garage right outside of my bedroom window and the neighbors car is in a gated driveway also right outside of the bedroom window. We’re thinking that it’s an adult because it had to have taken place between 2am and 4am and last night Kahele went to sleep at around 1:30ish.
It’s one of the crappiest feelings that I’ve ever felt. I feel so violated that someone was rummaging through my person stuff. Now we need to set up surveillance at the house. It’s so sad that all these years we are able to leave our cars outside unlocked because our home is in a good neighborhood, but now someone is coming in and ripping us off. Hopefully they get caught!



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