The Benefits of Water

For myself, when I’m looking for relaxation WATER is always the best bet. Water is so healing. Let’s just think about it. When you have muscle cramps you soak in hot water, when you’re suffering from a headache a cold shower can soothe it away, when you need to cleanse your body water does this from both the outside and in. Even the sound of rain and the waves of the ocean can bring peace and serenity within you. At church we bless ourselves with holy water. The uses for water are endless. Here are my favorite things about water.


The way it can turn any day into a cozy day.


Image source

Soaking in a tub of water with dim lighting is the perfect ending to a hectic day.  You literally soak your troubles away.


Image Source

The sound of water can bring harmony to any room.


The ocean in all its beauty can transport you to a place of peace away from this crazy world


Image Source

Now this is what I’m talking about!  Water therapy in a spa is probably the closest thing to heaven.  When I go to a Spa with a jaquizzi I take full advantage of it.  The quietness, with the soft lighting and soothing music while soaking all of my tension away….. Priceless.


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