Random Weekend Pics

Good Morning Everyone!  Once again my weekend went by way too fast!  Busy Busy Busy!  On Friday evening we had a BBQ at my house.  Sorry there are no pic to show except for these pretty cupcakes.  I was having way too much fun drinking and catching up with friends and family that I honestly didn’t even have my phone on me.  But the cupcakes were very pretty…


On Saturday Kuha’o had to take his SSAT’s while Tea had a baseball game.  At about 2pm the kids and I headed over to Maui’s baseball game while Kahele headed off to his track meet.  Maui did so good as catcher, but unfortunately they lost.  Here’s a Vine that I got of him throwing out the guy heading to second base.  Yay!

Sunday, we had some free time in the morning before heading off to Kuha’os baseball game (yes, baseball consumes all of our time).  That evening we BBQ’d (again), this time at Kahele’s parents house.  The evening was so pretty.  Aria even seemed to be relaxed in Daddy’s arms.



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