Magnolia Bakery Ala Moana

I remember lying in my hospital bed watching the news after giving birth to my daughter and seeing that Magnolia Bakery was having its grand opening at Ala Moana.  I told my cousin who was with me at the time “OMG that’s the famous bakery in NYC that was on Sex and the City” and she replied “Hello and The Devil Wears Prada!”.   It’s taken me a whole 4 months to finally get my Magnolia cupcake experience.  Yesterday my sister and I headed over to Ala Moana for a day of shopping (and cupcakes). On the way my sister told me that their banana pudding is what they’re really known for, so of course I tasted both.

image image

The cafe is the cutest place ever.  I’m totally remodeling our kitchen to look like this.  It’s so fresh looking.

image image image image image image

We had other plans for lunch, so we ended up getting our treats from the little kiosk they have set up just outside.


The selection of sweet treats they have all look so yummy, I really have to go back and try them all.  We were so full after lunch that I ended up getting a classic vanilla cupcake with buttercream frosting & of course their famous banana pudding. 5 stars for both.  I love their frosting, you can taste the little sugar granules as you chew.  As for their banana pudding?  Yup, probably the best I’ve ever had, and guess what?  I read their little cookbook and they have the recipe for it in there and it’s so simple!  I’ll definitely making some of this pudding at home.

image image image

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