Nitrogenie Ala Moana

This is the coolest Ice Cream parlor I’ve ever been to.  The experience of just being in there is while these workers are creating these awesome flavored ice creams is nuts.  So what they do is… why don’t I just let you read it in their own words…


Photo Source

Pretty neat huh? It’s true that it is one of the creamiest ice creams I’ve tasted, even in comparison to gelato (which is my fave).

3 6 10

  The restaurant is decorated in dark black with LED lighting.  The lights color the clouds of smoke from the nitrogen, so I guess in addition to feeling like you’re in a crazy science lab you also get that night club vibe.

4 7 8 9

I ended up getting the lemon meringue. It wasn’t my first choice but the person in front of me got it and from the way it was prepared to the reaction of the persons first bite, I was sold.  It was so refreshing.  Tart and sweet with that fluffy meringue, ugh I can taste it now.



I can’t wait to take the kids with me next time.  Maybe a little Easter field trip before dinner?


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