Candy Bar Hawaii



I love me some sweet shops!  Especially candy bars that allow you to fill your bag with whatever you want!  This one in Waikiki is so cute and they have some really cool customized lollipops. 


above photo by owner


It’s a little bit pricey but not uncommon in Waikiki.  When you walk into this shop you are hit with the smell of chocolate and cotton candy.  You’ll find some popular products that we locals enjoy like li-hing mui flavored gummies, chocolate covered mochi crunch, crack seeds and green tea ice cream.

2 8 10 11

You’ll also find the cutest t-shirts and apparel with the cutest quotes.  In Hawaii we have a saying “If can, can.  If no can, no can”  sort of like saying “if you can do it then great, but if you can’t then you can’t help it”.  So I love this t-shirt.

1 3 5

Warning!  If you have kids monitor them or you’ll be sorry when you see your total at the register.

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