In the last week I’ve been invited to “go out” with friends a couple of times and both times I’ve been so grateful to use the “I’m working late then have to get home to the kids” excuse.  But really, I just don’t want to go out.  I love dinner and drinks with my besties because we’re all mothers and pretty much on the same page of getting home at a decent hour and being responsible when it comes to our cocktail intake.  But when I’m invited by co-workers or a group of people who want to go to a bar or a club, um, yeah I’m not interested. I honestly really enjoy going home, having a couple of drinks with Kahele all while my kids are less than 50 feet away from me tucked in bed or watching television.  I feel secure when my children are around.


There’s just something so unappealing to me about going out and bar hopping or club hopping all hours of the night.  I’m still my loud, love a good party with lots of laughs and alcohol type of girl but you’ll probably NEVER catch me at a club unless for a very close friend or family members party.  I’m more of an Invite everyone over for BBQ and drinks.  And you know what, when they bring their kids all the kids keep each other entertained while we adults have “adult” time.  It’s a win- win situation for the grownups and kids.


Even when Kahele and I plan to do something together just the two of us, we find ourselves hurrying home to the kids.  I mean even if we wanted a late night out we get so tired so early anyway.  I do, however  look forward to special weekend trips with the girls.  Even though  we all sit there and call our spouses and kids about a hundred times a day we do enjoy our free time sight seeing and unwinding.


Are you fellow mothers like me?  How has becoming a mother changed your partying ways?


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