Financial Aid Applications = STRESS

Our youngest boy just made it into St. Louis!  It’s a really good school and we are so proud of him, but the tuition is $14,000!  With a family of 6 and living in Hawaii, we definitely cannot afford this.  I’ve been trying to find any type of scholarships and applying for financial aid, anything to help us.  Let me tell you…. This shit is stress on a whole other level.  They make it so hard.  I have a check list of documents that need to be submitted.


Last year’s final report card

Most recent report card

2015 W2’s

2015 Taxes

Last 2 paychecks

Reference letters from 2 teachers, a counselor and principal

Birth certificate

SSAT scores

And then after submitting this they want a $250 deposit.  Then because he’s entering as a new student, he needs to attend summer school…. More $$$.  It’s a crazy roller coaster right now.


This is an opportunity of a lifetime for my son and I will do all that I can to ensure that he can go.  He was so excited when he got in, it’s the same school that Marcus Mariota graduated from so of course he’s been dreaming BIG about his future just knowing the types of opportunities that he’ll be able to take full advantage of from this school.

Have any of you been in this situation?  Did you come up with a financial plan that worked for you?  I’d love to hear from you.


3 thoughts on “Financial Aid Applications = STRESS

  1. I know what you mean in how it can be stressful in pulling everything together. I sent both of my daughters to Catholic school in Denver. Tuition was roughly $10,000 a year for each one, and that’s before the assorted, mandatory student fees. Fortunately, they weren’t required to wear school uniforms – that was usually once a week, or special occasions. Our financial plan was work longer and harder.

    My mom talked about Saint Louis School a few times. Her two older brothers went there, while her younger brother decided to go to Farrington HS instead. One of my cousins (daughter of my mom’s younger brother) went to Cathedral School (when they used to do K-12).


    • OMG I could not imagine trying to come up with a payment plan for more than one child. My grandfather and his brothers all went to Saint Louis while all of their sisters went to Farrington LOL.


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