Obsessed with WISH

I was introduced to this app about a month ago and I’m so obsessed with it.  It’s called Wish and it’s addicting. Even if I’m not buying anything I find myself scrolling through all the cool stuff.  You can find so many things, things that are hard to find in stores.  I love that you can read reviews from others who have purchased the product and at least have an idea of the quality of product that you’re getting.  Here are just a few of the products that I’ve ordered and received so far.


I got the bracelet on the left for free just for signing up.  These super cute earrings were only $1.

6 1

These makeup brushes were only $5.  Not all of the brushes are of great quality but I do like the a few of them a lot so $5 is more than worth it.  This cute purse was only $1 (it only comes with one)  I chose the one with the Eiffel tower.  It’s perfect for your loose coins.

7 5

I paid $4 for the face cleaner.  What a score for a battery operated face scrubber.  The decals for the kitchen only cost me $2

So far I’m satisfied with everything that I’ve received.  If you haven’t checked out this site, you must!  They have things for babies too.  Be warned though, it’s really addicting.  I set a budget!  I don’t spend more than $10 a week and with these prices it’s a good budget.


2 thoughts on “Obsessed with WISH

    • If I didn’t set a budget I’d be in big trouble. It’s so tempting to buy things because they’re so cheap, you see all these things for $1 or $3 and before you know it you’ve carted $40 worth of things LOL!


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