A great week ahead

Hi guys!  Last week was a mess.  You know how you  have those weeks where it seems like things just go wrong one after the other?  Well that was my week.  I would wake up stressed which caused a ripple effect in my entire day. I was finding myself crying while driving and even while in the bathroom at work.  It wasn’t one major event that triggered this, it just gradually happened.  This is not new to me; I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression over the years, pretty much since I was a young girl and its gotten way better over the years because of learning how to meditate and little exercises that help me to deal.  But there are still times when things like money (or lack thereof), arguments with others and work can make my emotions just go haywire to the point where I breakdown.


This morning I woke up to get myself ready for work and my kids ready for their baseball opening ceremony and things were not working out for me from the start.  I couldn’t find paperwork that I needed, my baby wakes up screaming for a bottle in the middle of me trying to get the other 2 up, my phone falls in the toilet and on my way to work there’s a marathon causing traffic.


I took a deep breath and just prayed.  I pray to my grandpa and nana, who have passed, all the time.  I ask them for guidance and to send peace and calmness my way.  This morning I included my brother-in-law in my prayer.  Well after getting out of my car and walking to my office I looked up and I see Kahele’s grandmother’s favorite flower, the tiger lily, right in front of me.  She passed in November of last year.  I took it as a sign and the feeling that I got just seeing that flower was amazing.  It was like dark clouds opening up and light surrounding me.  I realized walking to work that all these things that cause stress are so small in the whole scheme of things in this life.  Life is so short and to spend so much of my time stressing out really isn’t worth it because in the end we all end up in the same state on our deathbeds reflecting on how we lived our lives.  I don’t want to look back and see how much time I let stress for little things ruin my days.  I know that I’m still going to have situations that arise and I’ll feel angry, sad or stressed but I hope that I can get over it quickly and move on from it.


So today I am declaring this next week be a great one!  I’m going to wake up in the morning with a positive attitude, smile through the stress that may present itself and just count all of the blessings in my life.  Here’s to day one of my best week ever!


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