Surf N Turf Tacos Waikiki

I’ve walked pass this place so many times but have never gone in to check it out.  Yesterday, I was craving a hearty salad and didn’t know where to go but after seeing a woman outside of this restaurant eating a salad loaded with toppings I immediately walked in to see what they had to offer.  Why, why, why haven’t I tried this sooner?!  Sometimes I really kick myself in the ass because there are so many places that I spend years missing out on.


This place reminds me of a restaurant that you’d find on the North Shore; with the reggae music playing loud, surf videos streaming on the flatscreen, pictures of random surfers along with some cute fish art on their walls, and about a thousand stickers all over the place.  It also has an open air feel to it which was perfect for yesterdays breezy weather.

7 4 3 2

Everything on the menu looked sooooo good!  From the burritos, tacos, tortas and quesadillas to their plates with beans and rice and their salads!  Oh, and lets not forget about their churros for dessert!  Because I was craving a salad, my choice was pretty easy, but then they ask “what kind of meat and toppings would you like”.  Ugh really?  Decisions can be the worse.  I kept it simple and got the kalbi with cheese and cilantro.

1 8 6

Now I’m usually the type of person who relies heavily on a good dressing to enjoy my greens but the sauce and flavors from the kalbi acted as one of the best dressing I’ve ever had on a salad. I didn’t use any dressing at all.

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