A food tag?! I’m in!

Hi guys!  Happy happy Friday!!!! One of my good friends sent me this food tag and I just had to post it!  Such a fun post to do to start off the weekend.  I have no idea where this tag originated from but it was a really fun one to do, so thank you whoever you are.

 What is your favorite thing to eat in the morning?  Corned beef hash with white rice and eggs over medium.

What is your guilty pleasure?  Nutella

Do you drink coffee?  Not usually but if I do I turn it into a cappuccino with all the cream I put in it.

Do you order soup or salad as your appetizer?  Salad, if I’m in a restaurant a salad is a must.

What is in your sandwich?  Cream cheese, chicken/ turkey, avocado, bacon, tomato and alfalfa.

What is your favorite food movie?  The hundred foot journey

One food you couldn’t live without? Cereal

Cooking at home or going out to dinner?  If it’s just me and the mr.  I like to go out.  For the family I cook.

What’s on your pizza?  Mushrooms and bacon

A food you dislike?  Mayonaise (barf)

Favorite snack?  I love to snack on these Ginger Wafers


What is your favorite restaurant?  Geez I have so many… I can’t narrow it down to one so my top 2 are Shokudo in Honolulu and The Sugar Factory.

High end or low profile?  I love the experience of a pretty restaurant with unique dishes but I’m a plate lunch girl at heart.

Favorite ethnic cuisine?  Ugh, just one?  Thai!  Korean! No wait…. Hawaiian.  Gurrrr…. Mexican!  I can’t choose.

Last tastiest food ever eaten?  Wasabi Apple Sorbet.  It was used as a palette cleanser for the next course.  Interesting and yummy for sure.



Favorite cocktail?  At home- Malibu and coke.  At a Mexican restaurant- Margarita.  At a fine dining- Lemon drop martini. With a group- Watermelon Soju

Inspiration source?  Google or yummly

Favorite Cookbook-  Paula Deen

Food Bucket list? Voodoo Donuts, Movie theater dinning, café du monde beignets.

Favorite Dessert?  Serendipity 3 Frozen white hot chocolate.



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