Looking for some suggestions for my San Fran trip


In 2 weeks I’ll be going to San Francisco with my sister and my BFF.  I absolutely love San Fran. Our trip just got a little complicated because the person who booked our flights accidentally booked us to LAX.  We were going to correct the mistake but thought… ‘hmmm a little road trip would be nice” and decided why not?!  So we arrive in LA at around 8 am and from there we’re going to drive to San Jose where our hotel is.  Does anyone have any suggestions of any cool places to visit along the way?  I know I want to take a picture at the Urban Lights display at LACMA and also want to stop off at Santa Cruz beach boardwalk to check it out.  But I can’t really find anything else along the way, so some suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Maybe somewhere to eat?

We will have all day on Sunday to explore San Fran.  We will be doing Alcatraz for sure and the Ferry Building and Pier 39.  I also want to take my sister (since it’s her first time there) to see Lombard and eat at The Stinking Rose in Little Italy.  Please let me know of anything really worth seeing while we’re there.

On Monday we have the Beyonce concert!  We want to stay near Levi’s stadium in Santa Clara and will probably stay around the area all day.  I have never been in that part of town and am having a hard time finding things to do and a good place to eat before the concert.

On Tuesday our flight leaves San Jose at 9am.  So, basically we have Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday to do whatever we want without worrying about having to be somewhere.  BTW, WE ARE BIG TIME FOODIES.  WE EAT!

So please bring on the suggestions suggestions suggestions!


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