Turning The Tables by Teresa Giudice


As all of you know, I’m a huge fan of RHONJ and I’ve been watching it from season 1.  So of course when all this went down about Teresa and Joe I watched like many as there situation unfolded publicly.  I was stunned when both were sentenced to prison- as a mother of 4 myself I just couldn’t imagine being away from my kids and in prison.  Watching the show there is no denying that Teresa Giudice is a devoted mother and wife and it really broke my heart that someone that loves her family so much would be ripped away from them (no matter what the circumstance it’s so sad).  There have been so many people out there saying “Why does everyone feel sorry for her?  She did the crime so she should do the time!”  I strongly believe that when you commit a crime you should definitely suffer the consequences, but geez there are so many people (really BAD people) getting off on murder, rape, drunk driving and risking the lives of those around them.  So yes, I find it fucked up that not only Teresa but her 4 beautiful young daughters had to suffer this unfortunate ordeal.

It took me a while to get around to reading this book, but I’m glad I did.  Of course the writing wasn’t the best; I mean this is Teresa Giudice we’re talking about.  The Teresa Giudice known for these one liners…

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I got started with this book with no great expectation of reading a well written book.  In all honesty the writing (even with the help of K. C. Baker) was not good at all, but like I said earlier I expected nothing more.

Surprisingly, I really enjoyed reading this book.  Teresa takes us on a journey through her strict upbringing as a child and adolescence, shares how her and Joe knew each other since she was born, stories about falling in love, getting married and having her children and how BRAVO’S RHONJ changed her life.  I love how we see a humbled side of Teresa.  She gets real about how she broke knowing that she’d be away from her family and how she worried about everyone that she was leaving behind.  She wrote about her experience in prison and what the living situation, food and other inmates were like.  If you can get over the writing, I think that the book was pretty good!


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