Sikdorak in Kaneohe

On Friday Kuha’o had his May Day  performance and I was able to take him home right after.  I had to get my oil changed at Firestone in Kaneohe and told Kuha’o that we should try this new restaurant in the same shopping center while we waited.  Sikdorak is located in right around the corner on Kamehameha Hwy.  We both love Korean food so we were really excited to experience a new restaurant so close to our house.  We ended up ordering the lunch special because it was lunch and we were not hungry enough do the “all-you-can-eat”- but we did sit next to a couple that ordered it and the amount of meat that I saw come out on their plates was ridiculous.  I told Kuha’o that we’ll do the all-you-can-eat one night when daddy and Maui come with us.  The restaurant was nice and clean and the staff really friendly.  The food was really good, you can tell that everything was made fresh.

1 5 6

This is the perfect place to go with a group of people, plus it’s open 24 hours! WTH?!

5 8

When you order the all day special, you cook your own food on the table grills.

3 7 9

We started off with some veggies, fried mandu and the seafood korean pancake.

2 4

Kuha’o ordered the meat-jun and I had the bulgogi. YUM!  We’ll be going back soon 🙂

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