I’m Back….

From my San Francisco trip.  It was a roller coaster of fun, drama, and relaxation.  Of course the high light of our trip was the BEYONCE concert!  What a performer- she gives her audience the ultimate concert experience.  She dances and sings her ass off.  But I’m saving that post for a little later because there are a lot of video that I took that I want to share with you all.

Let’s just start from day 1.  We got our plane tickets from a friend who works for the airlines and she accidentally booked us on a flight to LAX when we’re supposed to go to San Jose (where our hotel was), instead of paying a fee to change the flight we decided to take a little road trip.  Don’t ever do a road trip from LA to San Jose because there is NOTHING to see but rolling hills and…. Yeah that’s pretty much it.  We did do a little drive through Hollywood though and that was fun.



LACMA Urban Lights

5 4 3

2 25


We had dinner reservations at The Stinking Rose (one of my favorite restaurants!!!) at 5:30 and got there with plenty of time to spare.  So we were able to walk around China Town and Little Italy before feasting, and feasting we did!

33 32

All you lovers of garlic have to try this restaurant!  There’s one located in LA as well.


11 8 9 12 14 15 16 13

After dinner it was still light out so we decided to knock another “must see” off of our list.  Off to the Palace of Fine Arts.

26 27 28 29 30

This place is so peaceful and pretty, I could stay there for hours and read a book, picnic and maybe even take a little nap in a cozy spot.  On this particular night there was a prom going on!  How lucky are these students that they get to have a prom in such a beautiful place. They had some really nice pictures with this amazing backdrop for sure.

We finally made our way to our hotel to get some rest before a busy day 2.

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