Spicy Tuna Sandwich


Pardon the terrible pic.  It was taken right before consumption  on a paper place mat under a flourescent light hahaa!

So the inspiration for this sandwich (which I take no credit for coming up with because it’s been around forever, I’ve just never tried it til making it myself) was when I ordered a spicy tuna roll from a sushi shop and ended up with canned tuna!  I was so mad after biting into it and finding out that it wasn’t the raw fish I’d hoped for.  But it didn’t taste bad, just not good with rice I.M.O.  But I thought ‘maybe I’d actually like it in a sandwich’. Well, I do!  This sandwich in particular I can eat all the time and not get sick of it.  It’s good as both a Panini (which is how I made mine) or as a cold sandwich (perfect for packing the ingredients separate for the beach and putting it together whenever one wants).

What you’ll need:

Sriracha Mayo

Canned Tuna

Orange Bell Pepper

Bread and cheese of choice

Cilantro (I think this gives it that WOW factor)


(for those of you who have never made a tuna sandwich LOL)

Mix one can of drained tuna with a Tablespoon of Sriracha mayo (or more if you’d like) I like mine on the dryer side.

On one side of your bread layer the tuna mixture, cheese, sliced bell pepper and cilantro  and top with other side of bread.

You can enjoy it at this point or put it in your Panini maker for 3-5 minutes.



1 thought on “Spicy Tuna Sandwich

  1. Yum, tuna sandwiches are my favorite. Just thought that this post needed a comment. Haven’t seen you in a while…come over and visit, have a read, leave a comment or two if you can!


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