ABC Game

A Age: 35- I swear I had to do the math for that one.

B Biggest Fear:  Cats

C Current time: 4:20 pm… oh the irony of that one

D Drink you last had:  Pink Lemonade

E Every day starts with: Snuggling whoever is sleeping next to me.  Don’t worry its not random men it just could be Kahele or one of my kiddos

F Favorite song currently:  Adele’s Send my love (to your new lover)  Can’t get enough.

G Ghosts, are they real?:  Of course they’re spirits

H Hometown: Kaneohe

I In love with: My family

J Jealous of: Anyone at Disneyland right now

K Killed Someone?:  Only in my dreams

L Last time you cried: 2 nights ago

M Middle name:  Leinani

N Number of siblings: 1 sister

O One wish: Health and Happiness for my family

P Person you last called: My daughter

R Reason to smile:  Um…. Maybe waking up every morning? Duh lol

S Song last sang: Fallen by Sarah Mclachlan.  It’s been in my head allllll dayyyyy

T Time you woke up: 12am & 4 am to feed my baby girl and then for good at 5:30am

U Underwear color: Pink and Black

V Vacation Destination:  Vegas Baby

W worst habit: Interrupting in the middle of someone’s sentence/ story.  I always feel like the information I need to share is too important to wait.

X Xrays you’ve had:  Gull bladder & Kidney

Y Your favorite food:  Can’t pick one so I’ll say pizza.

Z Zodiac sign: I’m a Libra so don’t try lying to me… I’ll know!


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