When Life Throws You a Curve Ball

As a mother I am constantly worried every time I see or hear of a case involving bullying or violence among kids.  I pray every day that my children won’t be a victim and teach them to treat everyone with respect and kindness to avoid that type of situation coming their way.  Well sometimes trouble will come their way and we as parents have no control of others and what they’ll do.  This happened to my son a couple of nights ago.  I won’t go into details about what went down because that’s his story and he’s such a private person that I’m going to respect that.

On Monday night I was asleep when my oldest son facetimed me and told me that a guy wanted to fight with him and he told the guy that he didn’t have any beef with him and didn’t want to fight.  Well this boy packed up about 20 of his friends and came down to our town.  Now, I teach my kids not to start trouble but if trouble comes your way you take care of business.  However, these particular boys from a particular town have been known to bring a ton of guys when it should be a one-on-one fight and it always turns ugly.  I mean they’ve actually been on the news because huge riots have broken out in towns other than theirs because they all load up in their trucks and travel around the island to fight.  It’s ridiculous!  So anyway, my son was fighting and when the one on one that he was fighting with came to an end he turned to get in the car and was blind-sided by another kid.  Of course my sons friends want to jump in and help but he stopped them knowing that they were out-numbered and things could get really bad if everyone started fighting.

Now my son has a broken hand, might not get to play his senior year of football and can’t spent the summer in the beach because of a cast.  One little incident can cost you so much when violence takes place.

So you can imagine how mama bear came out!  Seriously, I saw red and talk about a psychotic episode!  I wanted to go after the parents I wanted to take everyone down for hurting my son.  This same situation happened to my nephew last year with the same group of kids and in recent months there have been stabbings, shootings and people using weapons instead of their fists and it’s so scary to me. My son is really lucky that no one pulled a knife or gun.  And just the thought of that threw me into crazy overdrive. It took a lot for me to calm myself down and not reacting in a crazy way.  It’s funny because I hate conflict and try to avoid drama in my life but when it comes to my kids…


I’ve spent the last couple of nights crying myself to sleep because I am so terrified for my children’s safety.  It’s turned into such an ugly world and these young kids want to fight just so that they can post it on social media.  The sad part is that these kids from this town are imitating their parents (not all but most) because it is a cycle that’s been going on since my parents were young, of course the weapons weren’t an issue back then but the “gang” part was and still is, so it’s not like a parent like me can go to the other boy’s parent and try to squash it, chances are that the boy’s behavior was a “learned” behavior.  The reality of it all is that this will continue and it scares me to death that one of my children will be targeted.

BTW if you’re wondering, we did call the cops but nothing could be done because my son “engaged” in the fight even though trouble came to him.  He’s learned his lesson big time though.  And that lesson is… It’s just not worth it!


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