Saying Goodbye to Summer Vacation!


Summer vacation is coming to an end and next week the kids will be off to school.  Maybe I can actually start blogging more now.  The weather this summer sucked!  We weren’t even able to take Aria to the beach.  The older kids would tag along with my sister or other family members but it was too windy and overcast to take the baby.  Hopefully we get the opportunity this weekend.  We’ve been to the pool a few times though and she loves the water, so fingers crossed that she’ll love the ocean too.

Although I had to work A LOT this summer I really enjoyed my days off spending time with the kids and having family BBQ’s with my sister and nieces before they moved.  I would say that was the highlight of my summer, just being able to enjoy the company of family.

I’m really excited about the new school year ahead.  It’ll be Maui’s senior year (I still can’t believe it) and they’ll be so much going on with him and I will not take any of the time spent with him for granted.  I mean who knows where he’ll be next year!  Hopefully he gets into a good college.  Kuha’o will be starting at a new school, and I’m so excited for him too.  Lots of positive changes going on!


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