New Year, New Blog!


I’ve been neglecting this blog for way too long!  Life is so busy and when there’s nothing to share here I don’t even bother to put in the time or effort.  So, I’m going to try something a little new!  I hope that this idea will motivate me to hop on and blog a lot more.  I love sharing things with all of you, but hate the idea of just posting to have a post for that particular day even if it’s nothing too interesting.

After brainstorming on what can be done to make my blog not only contain fun content but also motivate me to deliver a good post that everyone will enjoy, I came up with this…

Everyday of the week will gear towards a specific topic. There will be…


Sunday Stories-  I don’t know how often I’ll be posting on a Sunday but I think this is going to be really fun when I do post.  We usually BBQ on the weekends and our BBQ’s almost always consist of alcohol and sharing stories.  Some of the stories that I hear are so juicy that I find myself sharing them with co-workers.  If it’s worthy of sharing here, it’ll be on a Sunday 😉


Monday Madness-  Here I’ll catch everyone up on the week before and plans for the week ahead.


Tuesday Tidbits- I’ll share little things that are on my mind.  Maybe my thoughts on a particular reality show that I’m watching. Maybe I’ll rant a little about something bothering me.  Who knows?


Wednesday Wows-  I love learning new things.  I’ll share DIY’s, alternative uses for everyday items, money saving deals, etc.


Thursday Throwback- I’ll share stories and pictures or even a good story from my past.


Friday Faves-  I’ve been doing this one for a while now.  Even if I’m not posting myself I’m always visiting other blogs and sometimes come across a post that I just have to share.


Saturday Sillies-  This will almost always be a funny quote or video.  Just a little laugh that requires almost no time at all for me to post as I’m super busy on Saturdays.

I can’t wait to start posting tomorrow!


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