Things to do on the Windward Side of Oahu- Part 2 Kaneohe

Hi guys!  It’s a beautiful Friday morning and in just about 4 hours It’ll be the weekend for me!!!!  I hope you all enjoyed Part 1 of these posts, I love where I live and am so excited to tell you of some of the beautiful places in my hometown of Kaneohe.  I truly believe that I live in the most beautiful town on this island.  We have the Ko’olau Mountain range on one side and then Kaneohe bay on the other.  I’m grateful (no matter how hard it is financially to live here), that I get to wake up every morning to the sun kissing the mountains. To really see the whole beauty of our little town head on up to the Pali Lookout.

***Pali Lookout***

Going up to the Pali Lookout will give you the best view of Kaneohe, and even further actually.  The gates open at 8am, and I recommend going at this time because the morning sun along with the low clouds will give you such a calming feeling.

***Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden***

We have a botanical garden, which is really a beautiful place if you have kids.  There are huge grassy areas to picnic and for the kids to run around, a pond where you’re able to fish and feed the ducks and some times you’ll even come across peacocks and pigs.  Another place that provides relaxation.

^^ My daughter and niece fishing^^

***The Stairway to Heaven***

I’ll be honest and say that I’ve never been to the top.  In high school and right out of high school I’ve tried to get up pretty far but never did.  I know tons of people that have done it and say that it’s the best feeling and that it is one of the most beautiful views they’ve ever seen.

Here’s the view from the bottom.  It goes allllll the way up!

***Kaneohe Sandbar***

The sandbar is a popular destination for locals.  It can get pretty crowded on holidays but even on a typical weekend you’ll find locals with their boats, hibachis and jetski’s out there having a great time. If you’re visiting you’ll have to find a way out there and when you do you’ll be in heaven.

Image source

***Valley of the Temples***

I love visiting this place.  A few loved ones are buried here so it’s nice to visit and leave flowers and then visit the temple.  Definitely another serene place that I recommend.

Image source for the above 5 photos

It’s been great sharing some of the beautiful places from my home town with you all.  I’m glad I did because sometime it’s easy to take for granted all of the beauty in the world.  You get so distracted by the hustle and bustle of life that you forget to take a look around and breath and relax.  I’m very fortunate to have these places to run to if ever I need a nice break from all the chaos.

In part 3 I’ll be finishing up with the remaining cities on the windward side of Oahu.


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