The whole fam got the flu


Okay, I’ve decided that we’re gonna use the Chinese New Year to start with a clean slate.  So far it’s been a rough 2019 and the worst was that last week the flu got ahold of my daughter and son and spread to the rest of us.  I was in bed Saturday, Sunday and almost all of Monday.  Kuha’o was the last to get it and he’s still in bed today since Monday.  Monday was Maui’s birthday and I feel so bad that we all were too sick to celebrate.  I did however suck it up and make him his Prime Rib that he loves.  Only Maui, his girlfriend and Tea were able to enjoy it though… the rest of us were either too sick to eat or our tastebuds didn’t allow us to enjoy it.  I hope that by tomorrow Kuha’o will feel up to doing something so that we can all do a beach day or something. I still have a little cough but am feeling more alive than I have all week.  I actually had the most beautiful drive this morning and captured a little bit of it.

Lemme just say that it is hard to be sick and take care of the family.  It took all of my energy just to make sure everyone was medicated and hydrated everyday.  But we’re almost in the clear and can finally get back to life.

I hope that none of you get the flu this season.


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